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Data Analytics & Reporting

A data engine designed for hard-core analytics

Dimensional Insight ProDiver is a business intelligence data analysis and reporting tool. ProDiver accesses data that a Dimensional Insight consultant or your own Diver developer has optimized into one of two types of customized data structures called a cBase or model. You can use ProDiver to view, print, or save data in a tabular format, graphical format, or as a report.

ProDiver is a client in a two-tier (client/server) system architecture. ProDiver works with Dimensional Insight DiveLine server software.

The user interface consists of three main sections:

Menu bar and toolbar—Standard Windows menu items and customizable toolbar that provides quick access to ProDiver tools.

Dive Window—Visual representation of the data.

Console—A navigation pane of your cBase or model data.

ProDiver features

Powerful ad hoc capabilities

Unlimited views of the data and dimensions to allow access from any point or perspective with unfettered diving capability — you can drill-up, -down, or -sideways

Multiple views

Multiple, simultaneous, data-views that enable users to see different views and formats side-by-side

Dimension switching

Ability to changed out the key dimension from under an existing query without redoing dives, calculations, or formatting


Data-driven Find and Filtering features to quickly narrow searches to relevant information

Dynamic filtering

Dynamic Filtering that lets users limit data with easy-to-use UI controls

Data manipulation

Data manipulation tools that support Sort, Find, Focus, and Group

Advanced tabular displays

Complex tabular displays including multi-tabular, cross-tabular, and multi cross-tabular displays

Multiple data source use

Seamless switching between multiple data sources (Jump)

Graphing & reporting

Integrated graphing and reporting features for all tabular display types

Time & period support

Integrated time and period support including period comparison and custom calendars


Save and Publish features to allow the saving of queries, reports, and graphs for re-use and distribution via email or web portals — both within and outside of the context of Dimensional Insight applications

Advanced analysis

Advanced analysis features that allow users to create, store, and publish their own custom calculations


Customizable interface and visualizations that allow users to brand both output and the application itself

Columnar Database Design

  • Turns multiple rows of data into multiple columns for faster processing
  • Columnar database speeds up the time it takes to return a query

Spectre Data Engine

  • A next generation data engine engineered specifically for speed
  • Highly scalable and can handle the largest data sets

Measure Factory

  • Business rules engine, ensures data integrity and standardization
  • Ensures that all users are seeing the same, one version of the truth


NetDiver is the browser-based version of ProDiver.

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ProDiver Data Sheet

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